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Hi!  My name is Kavi (and the little guy is Luke). kavi and lukeI am adventurous, goofy, passionate, loyal, and genuine.  By profession, I am a Mental Health Counselor and specialize in working with Trauma.  I love facilitating discussions and learning, I have enjoyed public speaking and  community outreach and education, and am very passionate about mental health, relationships, parenting, and helping others find balance in their lives.


When I myself was a little guy, I was fascinated with the sky and wanted more than anything to be an Astronomer!  I used to be able to go outside on any given night throughout the year and could tell you all the constellations that were visible to the eye (I can’t anymore, so don’t ask me to…).  I was a shy kid until the 10th grade when I found my voice while playing on the JV basketball team.  I have always been one to try to include others and get to know diverse groups of people around me.  As I got a little older, my future goals became a bit more “grounded” and my head and eyes went from the sky and onto people.  I wanted to be a school teacher because I found people so interesting, I wanted to help and work with kids and people,  and I truly appreciated the many good teachers I had had and wanted to be like them.

Those plans again shifted a little after I returned from a two-year volunteer ministry for my church in Austria and Germany and my journey towards becoming a therapist or mental health counselor began and landed me where I am now.

While in my undergrad in Idaho, I met a sophisticated, mature, spontaneous and adventurous girl from Hillsboro, Oregon.  She was (and is) rather cute, too.  :-).  We got married in 2009 and have enjoyed 11+ years of a really fun marriage!brandanhams

One of our biggest blessings (and also our biggest stressors) has been our 4 beautiful children. IMG_4526 Parenting is really awesome in a lot of ways – it is also really hard in just as many ways…  In 2019, we took the leap and adopted 2 more little girls (of the furry variety).IMG_4558

I grew up in the woods of Northern Wisconsin on the bank of the Wisconsin River.  I have 6 sisters (4 older, 2 younger) and with no brothers, I spent most of my days climbing trees, playing Cowboys and Indians, digging holes, building legos, and playing basketball in my driveway.wisconsin

I love running! I love to bake, make music, write, and am fond of the outdoors.  I could always go for some peanut M&Ms or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and love to drink the good ol’ H2O.

I’m sure you’ll get to learn more about me as you follow along with this journey!


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